3 thoughts on “Season of Joy: Why I Feel Like a Bowl of Oranges”

  1. Dear sweet Lauren, I so appreciate your sharing such a personal experience that is your life. You are truly a teacher……a teacher, valued. Valued by society that so desperately needs to learn, to understand the bi-polar vantage point of life & your experience in it, the world that we all share. I am not one to accurately know statistics, but I am aware of astounding numbers of people suffering the see saw of bi-polar, manic depression, frank depression……levels that vary uniquely with overlays of one to another. I am none of these specifically, but I am acutely aware of my own cycle of depression. I ‘go down’ in the Fall of each year as I watch the leaves of trees curl brown & fall, gracefully, to the Earth lying in comment that it is time for the Earth, me, to rest & restore for Spring. In short, I hibernate. If one must assign a label, a box, I inherently know that this is lamely called, labeled, Seasonal Affective Disorder……SAD. An appropriate acronym! Not to be a ‘downer’, there is always an ‘up-side.’ My joy, my hope, lies in looking forward to the advent of Spring. My element. I look for the first harbingers of life awakening in the Nature around me. Grape hyascinths, crocus, narcissus, daffodils & tulips encourage my energy compendiously as Spring brings on the full blow of Summer’s colors. I surround myself with these, God’s glory & grace, in His miracle of flowers……the magnificence of His autonomous cycles of life! ” There is a season, turn turn turn”….a song…..singing the passage from the Good Book. I feel closest to God in my garden. It is there that I understand & value.

    You have a gift in writing. I hope you do more of it. I will look forward to your ability & your life experience maturing as time goes by. You are Loved. Miss Emily from the ‘Hood’

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