Our Mission

I’m Lauren, and I am healing from bipolar.

I have lived under the dark shadow of mental illness for most of my life, diagnosed as bipolar disorder in my mid-20s. I followed the standard protocol of regular psychiatric visits and took my medication faithfully. I could function, but inside I was entirely exhausted, tormented and miserable. After yet another bout of depression moved me to take sick leave from my dream job as a high school English teacher, I began looking into holistic ways to support my health and started chronicling the process in this blog.

After three months, I still wasn’t well enough to go back to work. I resigned with a broken heart and cried out to God for answers.

That same weekend, the last Saturday of January 2015, my prayer was answered. I began finding resources and support that enabled me to start dealing with the roots of my illness, rather than mask my symptoms and drain my weakened body and spirit. If you or someone you love suffers from mental illness, if you’re tired of quick fixes that don’t work and ready for serious change through serious work, if you’re just tired and need encouragement as you face the life-draining day-to-day surviving of serious disease, welcome. You’re in the right place.

I don’t know where you are in your healing journey, or where it will lead. Mental illness and other serious diseases are complicated. Complete healing in this life may or may not be possible for you, and each must choose her own path. I know this: you can get better. Maybe better in an instantly answered prayer, maybe better through days and days of determination and a willingness to endure temporary discomfort for long term gain, maybe better because your perspective has changed. But healing is real. If you need healing, practical steps and spiritual openness can lead you onto that path.

If you need healing, you’re in the right place. Follow my story here, check out recipes on my GAPS Pinterest board, and please feel free to reach out if you have questions. I will share the hope of healing with anyone who will listen.

Venga conmigo, porque El Espiritu nos cura.
Walk with me, for the Spirit heals us.

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