Nos Cura? The Self/Name Change

Over the last 5 months, I searched for a new blog name that would be simple, memorable and convey the holistic healing that is changing my life. A Google search for “nos cura,” Spanish for “heals us,” gave me a hit for BibleGateway’s Reina-Valera translation of Matthew 9:1-8. In this story, the friends of a paralyzed man bring him before Jesus. Jesus heals the man’s body from paralysis and his soul from shame. Curiously, this passage from Google’s search does not contain the words “nos cura.” In it, I found what I was looking for.

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Endure: A Valentine for the Broken


It’s February. The month when we celebrate romance can trivialize love into pink cards and candy. This Valentine’s season, I can’t help thinking about hearts I know who cry out for healing. Picture this:

You are accused of a crime you did not commit. Your dream job dissolves, your community rejects you and your marriage implodes.

Your daughter’s physical heart is literally broken by a congenital defect. At three years old, she will be undergoing her third major heart surgery.

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Lean On Me: Fear, Noise and Money in the Mailbox


I am an introvert. I like quiet. I like my space. I am independent and recharge alone and don’t like interruptions.

And the God who placed my husband and I in East Lake knows me, because living here messes with me. It alters my sense of safety. It interrupts my privacy and violates my illusion of control.

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