Coming Home: Psychotic Break to I Can Trust

Merry and me, home again.

It’s like dying. Drowning. A total eclipse of the sun.

This time, without my baby, without my Marion, it’s the shock of a grief you don’t expect and can’t possibly be prepared to receive. You stagger under the blow. Nothing sensible remains. Since her conception and birth in 2017, my daughter’s wellbeing has been my primary focus and full time job. She was the person I missed the most, and this time, I didn’t think I was coming back.

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Watch the Manna Fall: Merry’s Birth Story

Today, tomorrow and long ago, God provides food for the people He loves. The people are stranded in the desert. No food. Worried that they’ll starve. So every day on their lunch break, God rains bread down from the sky, enough to feed them and their families until tomorrow. He asks each one not to take more than what they need for that day, because they need to believe that the next day, the same thing will happen.

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