A Bend in the Road: Sow Weeping, Reap Joy

You’re trucking along, minding your own business and feeling like you’ve got a handle on life. Then, when you least expect it, mist descends on a bend in the road. Your sense of security evaporates, and you hover on the brink of the unknown. My journey into healing is anything but linear, and some days are better than others. And in this journey of becoming more whole, taking each day as it comes, in frustration and in thankfulness, I can be flattened by a bend in the road.

March 15, 2017: For the last two weeks, my exhaustion and moodiness had reached new heights. The nausea and fatigue dragged me from my bed to the couch and back all day long. I told David repeatedly that it was over, I was done with GAPS, it obviously wasn’t working anymore. When my period was late, I decided to cover my bases and take a pregnancy test. I had a feeling it was going to be positive…and it was!

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Embracing Frailty: Bipolar, DTS and the Art of Rest


With my bipolar, Daylight Saving Time is always difficult. Any change in routine, especially the sleep cycle, can wreak havoc physically, mentally and emotionally. The circadian rhythms that govern my body’s patterns are thrown offbeat. Over the past week, I have suffered headaches, low energy, fatigue, anxiety, nausea, crying spells and stomach pains. All because a single hour of my sleep/wake schedule has been altered.

The difficulty of this time is nothing new, yet two major factors make this year different from years past.

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