Healing Foods, Part 3: Bipolar and Beyond

This is my kitchen. Has that sink ever been clean? Nausea and fatigue have been my constant companions for days and I can’t keep up. The state of the house is driving me crazy. Isn’t the point of GAPS to make me NOT crazy?!!! When I’m not feeling well, David is a champion dishwasher, but he cut his thumb while redoing our floors upstairs and has had to forgo all watery activities until it is fully healed.

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Healing Foods, Part 1: Bipolar and Beyond

My quest to heal mental illness through nutrition began over two years ago. I had just formally resigned from my dream job as a high school English teacher. I had invested in my Master’s and grown my career slowly from preschool lead to middle/high substitute to a high school classroom of my own. I envisioned a life-long career in that classroom. In October 2014, I took medical leave because my bipolar had pushed my mental health to a breaking point. I was unable to surface from depression and anxiety in the 3 months allotted for my recovery. My mind and heart were broken.

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