Healing Foods, Part 2: Bipolar and Beyond

In my last post, I shared with you my desperation to get my life and future back, to truly heal from bipolar disorder and not just try to manage my symptoms. I saw some improvement from a few changes, introducing specific supplements, taking out sugar and gluten. Meanwhile, my friend Kate implemented a healing diet called GAPS. I watched as she took hours out of her day to cleanse and rest, brought her own home-cooked food to every small group meeting and Sunday breakfast…and got better. I knew that GAPS worked for her, but no way was I going to give up bread, cheese and chocolate!! GAPS meant sacrifice, a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to make.

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Healing Foods, Part 1: Bipolar and Beyond

My quest to heal mental illness through nutrition began over two years ago. I had just formally resigned from my dream job as a high school English teacher. I had invested in my Master’s and grown my career slowly from preschool lead to middle/high substitute to a high school classroom of my own. I envisioned a life-long career in that classroom. In October 2014, I took medical leave because my bipolar had pushed my mental health to a breaking point. I was unable to surface from depression and anxiety in the 3 months allotted for my recovery. My mind and heart were broken.

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Keeping Colds Away: Homemade Bone Broth

I love Fall. The colors, the cool breezes and the sweaters made me shiver with delight. But with the change of seasons come allergies and the threat of the flu.

History records Hippocrates as saying that health begins in the gut, and my recovery from depression using a nutritional overhaul indicates that there may be truth to his words. Making your own bone broth may boost your immune system because it can help heal the lining of the GI tract. It is cheaper and far healthier than any chicken or vegetable broth you can buy. Here are the easy steps to creating this superfood.

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