Coming Home: Psychotic Break to I Can Trust

Merry and me, home again.

It’s like dying. Drowning. A total eclipse of the sun.

This time, without my baby, without my Marion, it’s the shock of a grief you don’t expect and can’t possibly be prepared to receive. You stagger under the blow. Nothing sensible remains. Since her conception and birth in 2017, my daughter’s wellbeing has been my primary focus and full time job. She was the person I missed the most, and this time, I didn’t think I was coming back.

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Sweets for the Sweet: DIY Vegan Chocolates


The hardest thing to give up in my nutrition makeover for better mental health was chocolate. I adore those dark blocks of velvety goodness. Many wellness companies are getting wise and making sugar-and-gluten-free chocolate available, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Imagine my joy to discover a homemade version that uses ingredients I already stock in my pantry!

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